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Safety and Quality

Safety at Kenn Borek Air begins with the full engagement of all personnel which ensures any reported safety concerns are immediately addressed and meaningful corrective actions implemented. Participation in an industry leading, always evolving, fully informative, and internally developed Safety Program provides the necessary avenue to maintain communications and provide readily available safety information. Built with predictive hazard and risk management capabilities, Kenn Borek Air can foresee increasing risks which allows for proactive, preventative management. The continuously increasing strength and stability of the Safety Program is made possible by the trust and support of all our employees.

Each of our missions is aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers while maintaining adherence to internal, regulatory, and industry safety and quality requirements. Our continuous improvement mindset has created an environment where the ongoing review and improvements to our Safety Management System enhances our overall performance, increases customer trust and satisfaction, and allows us to achieve our Safety and Quality objectives.

By engaging all employees and customers in our Safety Management System, everyone shares in the dedication of maintaining safe operations by upholding the integrity of the fundamental safety principals, which are:

We are committed to ensuring we identify and understand the expectations and requirements placed upon us by first and foremost our customers, followed by internal and regulatory policy and procedure. Once we have determined these expectations and requirements, we are able to assess the associated risks.
Risk Management
To continuously meet the needs of our customers, Kenn Borek Air strives to assess the risks associated with each mission to verify our ability to maintain compliance at all levels. Our risk management program provides the mechanism to thoroughly assess risk and initiate appropriate mitigation in necessary areas.
Continuous Improvement
Our commitment to ongoing continuous improvement in delivering safe quality air support demands a constant review of our past performances, customer reviews and employee reporting. Our commitment to improvement starts with our highest level of management and engages even the newest of employees to ensure everyone’s opinions are heard and even implemented where necessary.

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