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KBA has excelled in responding to our customers’ specific individual needs. The end product seen by the customer does not always show the vast amount of support available. Here are some of the ways that KBA supports its operation worldwide:

  • Flight Operations
  • Aircraft Management Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Leasing Opportunities
  • Parts Sales
  • Aircraft Sales

KBA prides itself on its highly trained pilots. Many of our crews have specialized expertise and are ready to assist the customer on-site for optimal landing areas and time-saving logistics. Each Kenn Borek Air Captain holds a Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License. On average KBA Captains have in excess of 10,000 hours experience. All flight crew members are IFR rated.

Our corporate office is home to our 24-hour flight tracking service, where at any time the world-wide locations of our aircraft are followed through satellite GPS tracking. All our aircraft are satellite phone equipped for real time communications between the flight crew, flight following crew and other technical support personnel as required.

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Whether you need a full-service charter, maintenance assistance or specialty parts, KBA has the team of experts you need.

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