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Aircraft Management Services

KBA has over 50 years of experience managing its own fleet of aircraft. We also have decades of experience operating and maintaining customer owned aircraft around the globe. A managed aircraft contract with KBA allows the aircraft owner to retain the benefits of ownership while KBA takes care of the hard work of managing that aircraft. Our experienced and highly trained flight and ground crews ensure that the aircraft is properly maintained and operated in a safe and efficient manner. The owner of the aircraft also benefits from the supply chain network that we have built over the past 50 years. Whether it is in response to the rare AOG situation or just maintaining a cost-effective spares kit, our deep knowledge and skill in this area allows the aircraft owner to rest easy knowing their asset is in capable hands.

Our experienced team will oversee operational control, insurance, regulatory requirements, technical dispatch, safety management, and quality assurance. Ultimately, the KBA aircraft management service ensures that the aircraft is maintained and operated to the customer’s specifications.

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Whether you need a full-service charter, maintenance assistance or specialty parts, KBA has the team of experts you need.

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