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Aerial Survey Services

KBA has supported a wide range of aerial survey applications, each tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. From fabrication to installation, testing, certification, and survey flight operations, KBA has the in-house experience and expertise to manage each phase of a given survey project. Our engineering and flight operations departments work closely with our customers throughout the program to ensure optimal performance and data collection. KBA has a long history supporting airborne survey projects including the following:

  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Sonobuoy Deployment
  • Ice Penetrating Radar
  • Bathymetric Lidar
  • Radio Gravitometer
  • Electromagnetic Bird / winch
  • Hyperspectral Survey
  • And many more

Do you have questions about our aerial survey experience or want to discuss your specific operation? Contact us for a quote or more information and our team of survey experts will be happy to get back to you.

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Whether you need a full-service charter, maintenance assistance or specialty parts, KBA has the team of experts you need.

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