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Cargo Services

KBA has the specialized knowledge and fleet composition to deliver your cargo safely and efficiently to its destination. From routine movements to complex, remote-area cargo requirements, KBA has the skill and experience to handle your every requirement. In addition to our own fleet of cargo and utility aircraft, we have access to larger aircraft through trusted partnerships, meaning KBA can support the needs of your cargo operations no matter how unique they may be.

Our Basler aircraft’s spacious yet rugged interior makes it the ideal cargo platform for northern and remote operations. With a large cargo door and payload of up to 10,000 lbs, the Basler is well-suited for moving large loads and equipment.

Our Twin Otter aircraft is well known for its ability to transport freight of all shapes and sizes to remote, inaccessible areas. This highly versatile and robust aircraft is capable of transporting up to 3,500 lbs to short field and off-strip locations that only this specialized aircraft can reliably access.

Hauling cargo is a crucial and logistically rigorous part of any operation. When you manage cargo transportation with KBA, you know you’re working with a highly-trained team that can be trusted to deliver on-budget and on time.

Do you have questions about chartering cargo or need to discuss the specifics of your operation? Contact us for a quote or information and our team of cargo experts will be happy to get back to you.

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Whether you need a full-service charter, maintenance assistance or specialty parts, KBA has the team of experts you need.

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