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Remote Services

KBA has the ability to operate safely and efficiently in extreme climates and exceptionally remote areas by fully utilizing the capabilities of each aircraft type. We have combined our universal fleet with highly qualified flight and ground crews to provide a team of specialists to meet the demands of any challenge.


Working in the Arctic is our passion and has defined who we are for most of our existence. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the most remote areas and harshest environments. We have supported the Canadian government’s scientific research out of our Resolute Bay location for many years. KBA, along with our joint venture partner, Aklak Air, can provide charter flights across the Canadian north in whatever capacity required.


KBA has been heavily involved in Antarctic operations for almost 40 years. Each year KBA has a fleet of aircraft on the Antarctic continent to support national research program activities as well as long time private tour operators.

Do you have questions about our remote service experience or want to discuss your specific operation? Contact us for a quote or more information and our team of remote service experts will be happy to get back to you.

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Whether you need a full-service charter, maintenance assistance or specialty parts, KBA has the team of experts you need.

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